Courses Taught

I teach a variety of courses that focus on using AI for social good, data engineering, machine learning, etc.

SYS 2202: Data and Information Engineering

Spring Semester Undergraduate Course at UVA

This course provides an introduction to a fundamental aspect of data science and engineering - working with data. Learn skills to efficiently and effectively obtain, manipulate, store, and analyze data (i.e., convert data to information) to support decision making and future data modeling (e.g., regression, data mining, machine learning) efforts. Emphasis on obtaining, cleaning, combining, and wrangling the data into a more usable form. Learn how to break up a large data set into manageable pieces and then use a variety of quantitative and visual tools to summarize and extract information from it. The challenges of big data (e.g., size, streaming data, mixed variable types) will be addressed throughout the course. As an introductory course, the focus will be on understanding basic concepts and how to implement them in R, a leading data science language.

SYS 4581/6581: AI for Social Good

Fall Semester Undergraduate and Graduate Course at UVA

This course challenges students to learn about and develop AI applications with the purpose of ameliorating social good in communities.

Computing for Good

Computing for Good (C4G) presents computer science as a technological platform for improving the quality of life and humans condition. It allows students to apply computing to social and global causes and to see its impact in real terms. Students work on projects in partnership with communities, non-profits, and government agencies and learn how to design, develop, and deploy technical solutions for real world problems. Examples of topics include but not limited to health, economic development, disaster relief, transportation, infrastructure, education, energy, social service, civic engagement, and public safety.